Travel accessories

At Durabo we have a wide range of travel items, with popular children’s licenses. You can contact us for travel pillows, suitcase straps and name tags from the well-known brand L.O.L. surprise. Ideal for on the go! Discover our extensive range and buy the best travel accessories for children at affordable prices.

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Develop your own collection with Durabo

Develop your own store collection together with our experts? Which can! Discuss your ideas and designs with our experts and create your own personalized collection.

We produce your travel products with our in-house product and design team, which means we can deliver at lightning speed. Do you want to refine the collection or add articles? We are in close contact with our partners and implement changes immediately. Create your own collection with our experts and meet the needs of your customers.

Our collection

Bumper auto zitje

Bumper zitje voor kinderen vanaf xx tot xxxjaar


Een vrolijk zonnescherm voor in de auto


Een heerlijke geur in de auto met deze geurhangers

Bumper auto zitje

Bumper zitje voor kinderen vanaf xx tot xxxjaar

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