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Looking for creative toys? Look no further! At Durabo we offer high-quality toys at the best prices. Increase your profit margins and choose Durabo as your creative toys wholesaler. Discover our products here.

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Create your own collection

Create your own, unique toy collection under the guidance of our in-house product development and design team. We transform your concept into reality. Thanks to our partners, we’re able to implement changes quickly.

Durabo as toys wholesaler: the benefits

Durabo is your well-known importer and distributor of licensed children’s toys in Europe. We offer high-quality toys at fair prices and offer the best service.

Benefit from many advantages with Durabo as your creative toys wholesaler:

Our Brands

Finding high-quality creative toys is a piece of cake thanks to our excellent network of suppliers. We offer licensed product at competitive prices. Everything from stickers and coloring sets to diamond paintings sets, educational puzzles, and much more! A selection of our brands:

Creative Toys for distributors and retail chains

Meet your customer’s wishes by choosing Durabo as your creative toys wholesaler.

Importers, distributors, and retail chains benefit from a wide range of licensed products in every age category

Our collection

Baby Shark Colouring book

Colouring books available in different licenses

LOL Surprise Glitter Fun book

Creative Glitter book

Scratch boek

Scratch books also available in other licenses 

1000 Stickerbook

Available in all licenses

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Speed up and optimize the procurement process with Durabo as your purchasing partner. Purchase high-quality toys at the best prices and increase your profit margins.

Are you looking for creative toys or do you want to create your own collection? Get in touch with us. Our experts are more than happy to help you.