Durabo is the right place for multimedia products. We have fun headphones for children in all licenses, gaming backpacks, earphone pouches and much more! With our extensive range you always buy the best multimedia products. Always achieve comfortable margins, with Durabo as a purchasing partner.

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Develop your own collection with Durabo

Develop your own collection together with our experts? Which can! Discuss your ideas and designs with our experts and create your own personalized collection.

We produce the multimedia products with our in-house product and design team, which means we can deliver very quickly. Do you want to refine the collection or add articles? We are in close contact with our partners and implement changes immediately. Create your own collection with our experts and meet the needs of your customers.

Durabo as multimedia wholesaler: the benefits

Durabo is your well-known distributor of licensed children’s multimedia in Europe. We offer high-quality multimedia at fair prices and offer the best service. Benefit from many advantages with Durabo as your creative multimedia wholesaler.

Benefit from many advantages with Durabo as your kids multimedia supplier:

Our brands

Finding high-quality kids multimedia is a piece of cake thanks to our excellent network of suppliers. We offer licensed product at competitive prices. Everything from headphones , earphone pouches, gaming placemats and much more! A selection of our brands:

Our collection

Kids headphone

These cheerful headphones are available in different licenses!

Earphone pouch

Earphone pouches available in different colours, designs and licenses.

Kids headphone

We also have headphones for the littlest ones.

Coming soon

More to come…

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Always buy the best multimedia products at the best price? With Durabo as a purchasing partner, you accelerate and optimize the purchasing process. This way you realize high margins. Contact us and our experts will be happy to assist you.